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Retirement plan contributions increase this month for most employees

UCRP contribution rates for both the university and staff will go up starting July 1, ranging from 7 to 8 percent of pay for employees and 14 percent for the university.

President Napolitano and Alice Waters

University of California announces initiative to address global food needs

President Janet Napolitano today announced a major UC initiative intended to marshal resources across the system to address global challenges related to food.

Napolitano removes barrier to tech investments, forms new advisory council

A 1989 policy has been rescinded, freeing the university to invest in companies that commercialize technology emerging through UC research.

whistleblower graphic

Stay informed about UC’s whistleblower hotline and policies

UC maintains a whistleblower hotline and policies for reporting improper activity and to protect those who report misconduct from retaliation.

President Napolitano forms task force to help fight sexual assault on campuses

The systemwide task force will oversee the university's wide-ranging efforts aimed at preventing sexual violence on campuses and at all UC locations.

Voluntary Reduction in Time program reinstated to reduce costs

As of July 1, UC is renewing the Employee-initiated Reduction In Time program, which allows eligible staff to reduce their working hours and pay.