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Cynthia Larive behind Julie Packard

Pres. Drake awards UC Presidential Medal to Julie Packard, co-founder of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The medal recognizes Julie's work to safeguard the world’s marine ecosystems and her steadfast support of the university and its ocean conservation leadership.

Person drinking water out of plastic bottle

How plastic pollution impacts your body, and what you can do

What does microplastic pollution do to your body, and what can you do about it? UC experts are tackling our big plastic problem from every imaginable angle.

Illustration of brightly colored people in a line

Radical authenticity: How the internet is bringing sexual and gender diversity to the fore

The ability to ask questions, learn and find community online is transforming the way people identify, particularly Gen Z.

People using a net to fish in a stream

Climate Action research grants assist Tribal nations with resource management

California Climate Action Seed Grant-funded research projects are establishing collaborations between academic institutions and Tribal nations.

Man wiping sweat off of his face

How the dangers of heat waves sneak up on people

There’s no question that kind of heat is hazardous to your health. But why?

Why California’s beaches are shrinking, and what we can do to save them

UC research is helping preserve the Golden State's iconic coast.


UC Travel announces Summer Spotlight vendor webinar series

The Central Travel Office continues to educate and inform UC travelers on the benefits of booking within our systemwide program.

California state capitol and state flag

University of California statement on California’s 2024-25 budget

UC is grateful for the steadfast support of Governor Newsom and the California State Legislature for UC students.

President Drake headshot

From President Drake: Guiding graduates to the finish line

President Drake celebrates student achievements and the faculty and staff who supported them through commencement.