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What to do if you test COVID-positive or are in close contact with someone who’s positive

Here are the required steps you need to take to protect yourself, colleagues and the community.

New webinar series: COVID-19’s impact on students

A new GUEA webinar series will focus on COVID-19's impact on students' academic success and mental health.

STEP Define Criteria: Goals and competencies are due May 31

Use this list of action items and resources to help start the performance year off right.

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Green your return to the office

Support greener UCOP operations with proper waste sorting, efficient energy usage and alternative transportation

A message from President Drake about Systemwide Title IX Director Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor has decided to leave the university to dedicate more time to family and personal endeavors. Her last day is June 30.

Thursday: Damon Tull and Yvette Gullatt will introduce I2E2

The UCOP Black Staff and Faculty Organization will host a special presentation on UCOP’s Inclusive Innovation Equitable Entrepreneurship Initiative.

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Climate resilience at UCOP

The Sustainability Employee Resource Group shares what climate resilience is and why it matters at UCOP.

Join the OPSA Steering Committee

Help make UCOP an even better place to work by joining your colleagues at the OP Staff Assembly Steering Committee.

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Set SMART goals for the 2022-2023 performance year

Use the SMART goals framework — specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding and time-bound — to create a path to what you want to achieve.