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10-Second Bio: Mae Cendana

Name: Mae Cendana

Title: Program Coordinator

Department/Unit: Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA)

Location: Kaiser Building, 7th Floor

How long I’ve been with UCOP: 2000

What I do for OP in five words or less: Coordinate and analyze MESA programs

The best part about working for OP: Working with MESA students, teachers and staff. I get to work with the BEST people in the education business. The students are the cream of the crop, the teachers are innovative, and the staff is truly dedicated to their work.

Something you don’t know about me: I am the first Filipina-American elected to office in Contra Costa County.

One weird fact about the town I grew up in: Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines: It was known as the city where the biggest asylum was located. So for many years, when I tell people where I lived, they would normally ask “Inside or outside.” “Inside” meant the (living inside the) asylum. It was always the butt of jokes. But today, it is more known as the Mall City where the largest malls are located.

If I could have any job in the world (besides the one I have now), I would be: An entertainer—but been there, done that!

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