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SPOTLIGHT: Become a UC eAdvocate

California needs strong public universities; and California’s universities need strong supporters. As UC continues to face significant legislative challenges, UCOP staff is encouraged to stand up for the University.

UC for California is a grassroots, web-based program advocating for the University. The initiative uses eAdvocacy to engage UC supporters, who in turn advocate on UC’s behalf to elected officials.

Over 200,000 friends of UC currently support the University through UC for California.

The eAdvocacy network uses emails, social networking and other communication vehicles to notify supporters about important issues affecting the University that are being considered by the California State Legislature. Advocates are encouraged to write an email or letter concerning these issues to specific members of the California legislature.

The UC for California website makes it easy for you to send an email or letter to your elected representatives. It features talking points and contact information for state legislators, so with just a click of a mouse, you can let officials know your position.

Brandon Kline, communications coordinator for the UC advocacy program, believes it’s not just students, alumni and friends that are important spokespersons for the University:  Faculty and staff are valuable voices, too.

“Each UC employee has, in some way, been affected by issues in the California State Legislature.  For instance, UC saw $900 million in cuts just last year. It’s important for our colleagues to join with UC students, alumni, and researchers in sharing their own personal story with the legislature. By standing up and making yourself heard in the next few months, we can fight to restore that funding this year and maintain UC’s excellence,” says Kline.

Take a minute to become an eAdvocate by visiting the UC for California website today.

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