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Manage your junk e-mail

UCOP employees using Outlook can manage junk e-mail two ways—through the Tumbleweed server-based filter and the Outlook desktop-based filter.

The Tumbleweed filter classifies all UCOP incoming e-mail messages as “legit,” junk, or bulk. Once classified, the messages are held in a folder called the spam report, which you can review at any time. “Legitimate” messages also appear in your inbox. If you believe you are missing some messages from your inbox, it is possible they were incorrectly classified as junk or bulk. You should log onto the Tumbleweed website ( to review your spam report and correct the classification of messages or senders as necessary. Use your network login and password to access your reports and preferences.

Because Tumbleweed is very accurate at detecting spam, most customers spend little or no time looking at their spam reports. More information on managing your report is available at

The second spam filter is part of Outlook and directs suspect messages to the Outlook junk folder. You should review the Outlook junk folder occasionally to make sure it doesn’t contain any legitimate messages, and you should periodically empty it. If you prefer, you may turn off the filter altogether and rely on Tumbleweed alone for spam filtering.

To turn off the Outlook e-mail filter

  • Go to Tools and then Options
  • In the Preferences tab, click on the Junk E-mail button
  • In the next window, select the level of filter for your inbox
  • Select “No Automatic Filtering” to turn off the Outlook junk filter

If you have questions about this tip or any other Outlook feature, please contact the IR&C TechDesk at 987-0457 or

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