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Financial Aid Brown Bag Series Begins Today

Beginning with a noon-time event today, UCOP’s Nancy Coolidge will offer a series of talks aimed at helping parents of college-bound students understand financial aid.

Coolidge, who was been with UCOP’s Student Financial Support unit within Academic Affairs for nearly 30 years, will offer practical, hand-on advice about how to finance college. The event, sponsored by the OP Staff Assembly, is open to OP staff and their friends.

Today’s talk will offer an overview of financial aid. It will be the first of four sessions intended to help OP parents of college-age or high school students understand and take advantage of student financial support.

At UCOP, Coolidge works on legislative and policy issues affecting college affordability. Her perspective encompasses the on-campus reality of students, as well as the arcane ins and outs of legislative and regulatory issues. She also has experience as the parent of four (now adult) children, which she considers just as relevant when it comes to offering colleagues advice and guidance on financing college.

Topic: Financial Aid Overview

12 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 2

6113 Franklin

Learn how federal financial aid is calculated, how UC views need-based financial aid, and options for middle-income students, work-study and divorced parents.

Topic: Student and Parent Loans

12 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4

9115 Franklin

Learn which loans should be used first, second, and third in order of cost and repayment flexibility, as well as whether you should use retirement or a second home mortgage to finance your child’s education.

Topic: Comparing Financial Aid Awards

12 p.m. Monday, Feb. 8

6113 Franklin

Learn how to compare financial aid awards from different schools, the real cost of aid and ways to lower your costs.

Topic: Education Tax Credits, Deductions and Savings Options

12 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9

7409 Franklin

Learn about education tax credits, deductions and savings options.  Understand their effects on financial aid eligibility and tax liability for parents and students.

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