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Take a health assessment, earn $100 gift card

It’s not too late to get off to a healthy start in 2010 and reap the rewards. Faculty, staff and their spouses or domestic partners enrolled in a non-Kaiser medical plan are eligible to complete a StayWell health assessment.

The health assessment is a tool for learning how lifestyle habits can affect health and well-being. After completing the online questionnaire – a process that takes roughly 10 minutes, the StayWell program creates a personalized online health assessment report. This report can provide information on individual health risks; offer information on relevant topics related to those risks; and provides tools and guidance for making positive health behavior changes, including follow-up wellness coaching, when appropriate.

The 2010 incentive is a $100 gift card for faculty and staff and a $50 gift card for spouses/domestic partners. The cards may be used at dozens of retailers, restaurants, specialty shops, and online stores. (Individuals may participate again in 2010, even if they participated last year and received the incentive for 2009.)

To qualify for the incentive

  • You must be enrolled in a UC medical plan on January 1, 2010. (Employees hired after this date may still take the health assessment and participate in the wellness coaching, but will not be eligible for the incentive.)
  • You must complete the health assessment  by April 15, 2010.
  • Employees represented by some UC unions may not be eligible for StayWell because participation was not agreed upon during collective bargaining. A list of bargaining units which are and are not participating is available here.
  • UC Kaiser Permanente members and their family members aged 18 and are not eligible to participate in the StayWell program, but they can take a free health assessment through Kaiser’s HealthWorks program.

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  1. Pamela December 15, 2010 Reply


    Tried to go to UC Living Well to complete the health assessment and StayWell follow-up. Today is the last day for do this, but the site says it’s down starting December 16 (today is the 15th).

    Is there a way to complete the HA and follow up?


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