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UC in the news: UC combats invasive species

Some of California’s biggest challenges come in the smallest packages: tiny insects, weeds and other pests that can destroy crops, clog waterways and threaten ecosystems.

These invasive pests cause an estimated $3 billion a year in losses to California agriculture alone — and larger damages loom, as seen by the latest quarantine in Napa Valley for European grapevine moth, a pest that threatens grapes and other fruit.

UC is a key player in educating the public about invasive species, identifying pests and finding better ways to manage them. Often partnering with industry and government agencies, the University has developed solutions that save Californians millions of dollars a year. While state budget cuts have led to a 20 percent cut in UC’s Integrated Pest Management Program, the university remains committed to helping control invasive pests, making it one of its agricultural division’s five strategic initiatives.

Read more about how UC scientists are addressing invasive species on multiple levels: detecting pests, assessing their risk, rapidly developing initial controls, improving management practices, understanding how pests spread and investigating longer-term solutions.

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