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Become a UCOP fire warden

UCOP is seeking volunteer fire wardens for the Franklin building. The wardens, who come from throughout the employee ranks, are entrusted with the critical task of helping ensure that all staff members are safely evacuated from the building during an emergency.

Not only do volunteers get the satisfaction of being a leader in the health and safety of fellow co-workers during an evacuation, but they also gain useful knowledge for handling emergency situations.

Wardens gain key skills, including how to facilitate the movement of employees trying to evacuate to designated exits, and how to conduct floor searches for staff who did not respond to an evacuation alarm.

The Franklin Building’s fire-life safety director is Matthew Leet, who will be providing new warden courses and refresher courses on a quarterly basis or as needed.

Sign up today and get the good feeling that comes from knowing you are someone that people will look up to during an emergency evacuation.

Please sign up by sending Matthew an e-mail telling him that you would like to volunteer.  His e-mail address is:

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