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Franklin Building lunchroom upgrade

Take a moment to check out the recent improvements made to the Franklin Building lunchroom. It’s taken several months to plan and was completed this past weekend.

“The 5th floor lunchroom had seen better days. The cabinet under the sink had water damage and the laminate countertop was separating from the wood. The floor tiles needed replacing and it was time to paint. The appliances are now Energy Star compliant and the flooring is environmentally friendly, which helps to improve our LEED certification status,” said Karren Jamaca, Space Planning/Relocation Manager, Building Services.

“While planning this renovation, President Yudof generously offered to donate his collection of paperback books to be shared with all UCOP employees. We decided the lunchroom was the perfect place to incorporate a comfortable space for employees to relax and check out a book, especially since it is adjacent to the 5th floor patio,” she added.

We encourage you to stop by the lunchroom and borrow these books, on the honor system!

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  1. Donna June 29, 2010 Reply

    If you love mysteries, there’s a good selection in the book section. Just in time for vacation reading. Thank you, President Yudof.

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