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More students use community college to launch their UC education

UC is committed to enrolling more transfer students, and is working to streamline the transfer path and provide support for students once they arrive on campus. That commitment seems to be paying off. Although the final numbers for fall 2010 aren’t in, UC expects to meet or exceed its goal of enrolling 14,000 transfers.

In fall 2010, a record 22,851 transfer students from California community colleges were admitted to a UC campus, 16.5 percent more than in 2009. Of those admitted, 15,718 indicated their intent to register this fall, nearly 2,000 more than the previous year.

“Attending community college and then transferring to UC is a cost-effective option both for students and for the state,” said Shawn Brick, associate director for admissions, transfer policy, at the UC Office of the President.

For students, cost is one of the main benefits of taking the transfer path to UC. Many community college students live at home before transferring, which saves money on housing and food. Fees for classes are much lower at a community college compared to a four-year school. Taking 12 units a semester, considered full-time at a California community college, costs about $600 per year. A full-time UC undergraduate pays at least $10,302 per year in fees.

For the university, transfer students cost less to educate since they spend fewer years at UC obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The shorter time spent to graduate frees up space for more students. They also help enrich the campus climate. California community college students are often from underrepresented and educationally disadvantaged groups, which potentially can help diversify UC’s student body.

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