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Wellness Series: Stand Up Even Stronger

What are the shared qualities among giants like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa? They all went through tremendous suffering, while carrying out their life missions with great compassion, courage, and integrity.

In this presentation, we draw inspiration from these historical figures, look into their lives and words, and explore practical principles and skills to re-align ourselves with our deep passion and bring this meaningfulness into our work and personal relationship.

This workshop will be a combination of story telling, exploration through group conversation, and the learning of self-motivation tools. This group will be inspiring, nourishing, and possibly transforming!

The presenter for this workshop is Mei-Yan. She is an optimistic lover of humankind and active volunteer in serving the underprivileged. For eleven years, she has worked as a counselor in various agencies serving low-income families, homeless individuals and families, sexual assault survivors, and troubled teens. As a creative initiator, she also founded several educational and charitable non-profit organizations in Taiwan.

As a group leader and assistant teacher, she has facilitated various international workshops on meditation and hypnosis in Taiwan, India, United States, Germany, Netherlands, and Australia.

Event Contact:, 415-476-8279

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