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OPnet, new wireless network, debuts at UCOP

IR&C has installed a second wireless network at UCOP called OPnet, available now, designed to improve problems with limited access and timeouts.

Intended for UCOP employees and contractors, OPnet provides expanded coverage throughout the UCOP downtown Oakland buildings, enabling e-mail access in hallways, cubes and offices as well as conference rooms.

OPnet also retains initial login information everywhere at UCOP, so there is no need to keep re-entering your password, even if your device goes to sleep.

To connect to OPnet:

  • Go to your wireless connections menu and select OPnet.
  • At the prompt, provide your regular UCOP log-in, password and, for iPhones and iPads, the domain. The “domain” is ad\ as in ad\jsmith.
  • If prompted, accept the certificate.

At this point, OPnet is your default wireless connection. You will not have to re-enter your login and password until your password changes.

Please note that visitors cannot access OPnet and should continue to use the guest wireless network that is available in the conference rooms. Neither OPnet nor the guest network provide secure connections. If you need to access printers, file shares and other secure resources from a laptop, use VPN. More information about the UCOP networks is available on the IR&C website.

The TechDesk has received reports of some problems connecting to OPnet. If you experience problems or have other questions, please report it to the Technology Service Desk at 510-987-0457 or

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