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Reorganization improves delivery of Human Resources services at UCOP

The reorganization of UCOP Local Human Resources, now moving into its fourth month, is streamlining delivery of services through a new centralized structure that puts four HR Business Partners up front and center.

Under the leadership of Executive Director John Fox, HR Business Partners Isabel Chen, Rene Jackson, Venus Kirk and Annette Mora each provide client support to specific departments. They are the first point of entry to HR services for all UCOP managers and staff in the Franklin, 20th Street and Kaiser buildings.

Fox has just revamped the UCOP Local HR website and created a new quick reference guide to help direct staff where to go and whom to contact for the wide range of services provided through offices at both UCOP and UCSF. He will hold a Brown Bag Lunch on Tuesday, April 26, in 5320 Franklin to answer HR service questions.

“Over the last few years, restructuring efforts have left many OP employees confused about how HR services were delivered, what services were available and where to go for assistance,” Fox says. “I want to be sure everyone knows that we are here to support them and, with the Business Partner approach, we are already seeing an improvement in service and responsiveness.”

The client support side of the office—consisting of the four business partners and their support staff of three HR generalists and two administrative assistants—serve as the face of HR and the conduit between UCOP clients and all HR services.

The specialized services themselves are housed in the other half of the HR office, known as the Centers of Expertise and Shared Services, including the following functions:

  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Talent Acquisition and Employment
  • Temporary Employment Program for OP (TOPS)
  • Learning and Development
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Disability Management Services
  • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

UCOP clients work directly with their HR Business Partner to access these services, including those still housed at UCSF. (Please consult the HR reference guide or website to find a list of the four HR Business Partners and the departments each one represents.)

For UCSF-based services—including benefits, disability, FSAP and compensation—regular office hours are held at the Franklin and Kaiser Buildings to facilitate communication and service. (Again, please consult the HR reference guide or website to find the office hours for each function; clients are advised to call ahead for appointments for best service.)

The current structure was implemented in January to replace the Strategic Resource Coordination Team (SRCT) as well as several functions previously based at UCSF. Those functions include Employee & Labor Relations, now supported by Michael Lum and Jeanie Urban at UCOP, and Talent Acquisition & Employment (previously Staffing & Employment), now housed at UCOP and supported by Siena Carter and TOPS coordinator Doris Parham.

For more details, go to the HR contacts website, the HR quick reference guide or attend the Brown Bag Lunch on April 26.

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