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OP launches new website highlighting UC research

The UC Office of the President has launched a new website that highlights the depth, breadth and value of UC research.

Content will show the range of discovery and innovation at UC and how researchers at the campuses, medical centers and national laboratories often collaborate to tackle important issues.

“UC discoveries — from medicines and food production to transportation systems and new energy sources — touch the lives of Californians and people all over the world,” said Steven Beckwith, UC vice president for research and graduate studies. “And every day, UC faculty and students conduct research that expands knowledge in every discipline.”

The site currently includes:

  • A story and video about a new research initiative that will team veterinary and medical doctors and students to study diseases that affect humans and animals
  • A video about engineers testing structures so that they can withstand earthquakes
  • A Q & A with a scientist who is developing an artificial kidney

The site also pulls in UC’s nationally syndicated radio program, Science Today, with weekly updates about research at the campuses.

Upcoming pieces will look at industry and UC partnerships that reap discoveries, sustainability in research labs, humanities and arts projects and fascinating studies by graduate students.

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