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OP Staff Assembly announces election results

The results of the OP Staff Assembly Steering Committee elections are in.

Congratulations to the four new Staff Assembly members, Shelby Chin, Angela Cheng, Gina Mortenson and Jeanie Urban, who begin their terms next month.

“We had very strong participation in the election this year, perhaps because the stakes are higher due to the budget and other realities UC is facing,” said Kenneth Feer, incoming chair. “Along with strong leadership and administration support, this has helped enhance the OP Staff Assembly profile.”

Feer also reminded OP staff that they are the staff assembly, and that anyone from any OP location should feel encouraged to talk with members of the steering committee about bringing forward ideas and taking an active role in implementing projects to improve the Office of the President.

OP Staff Assembly meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. The July meeting will be held Wednesday, July 13, 12 to 1 p.m. in 10325 Franklin. All OP staff are invited.

For the monthly schedule and meeting locations, please check the Link calendar at

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