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New service center combines UCOP building and admin services


Building Services has consolidated and reorganized its services, part of an ongoing effort to provide high-quality building and administrative support to UCOP.

The new unit—Building and Administrative Services, or BASC—is an amalgam of the former Building Services and the Administrative Services Center. Its mission is to facilitate effective and efficient operations by providing a safe, secure and clean working environment and offering information and administrative support.

“We want to provide better and more seamless operational services, while also maximizing resources,” says Michael Reese, associate vice president for business operations. “The ultimate goal is to provide one-stop shopping for everything from mail delivery and printing services to administrative support and space planning.”

The reorganization began last year with a separation of OP’s local services from the systemwide Facilities Management operation that serves UC’s campuses, national labs and medical centers. In the first phase of consolidation, outside security and custodial contract services were brought in house, for a savings of $750,000.

Now, BASC has created additional efficiencies by pulling in functions that were located in individual departments, as well as incorporating staff from the former overlapping Administrative Services Center (ASC) and Strategic Resource Coordination Team (SRCT). You may also see a few new faces among the familiar ones on the BASC team as they go about the business of providing better and more efficient service for their OP clients.

You’ve already seen BASC’s handiwork in the Franklin Building’s Lobby One Conference Room, says Interim BASC Manager Karla Campbell.

“The BASC Building Management Team, under the leadership of Michael Keleman and Roman Starno, led the conversion of Franklin’s Lobby One into a terrific conference room that serves a multitude of groups and needs and is in constant demand,” Campbell says. The facility is saving UC up to $10,000 a month by eliminating the need to book outside space for large meetings, she explains.

The team then oversaw the replacement of Franklin’s entry turnstiles, which Starno also directed, with updated gates. The new entryways are not only more secure, but also provide data about who has entered and left the building, which is important information to have in the event of an emergency and other circumstances.

Campbell, who also continues to oversee OSCR, UCOP’s Office of Strategic Change Resources, facilitated the most recent phase of the reorganization. Here are the current BASC team leads:

  • Administrative Support Center: Donna Collins, ASC Supervisor
    • Work Management Center: Loreaner Lopez, Work Management Specialist
    • Mail Services: Gordon Jeong, Senior Mail Processor; Tim Moore and Carlos Arias, Mail Processors
    • Copy Center: Kamlesh Kumari, Senior Reprographic Specialist
  • Building Management: Roman Starno, Chief Building Manager
  • Space Management: Karren Jamaca, Lease and Space Administrator
  • UCOP Building Finance: Susie Kwong, Business Operations Manager (on leave, duties being filled by Barbara Peck)
  • UCOP Facilities Management: Michael Keleman, Facilities Asset Director

One of Campbell’s first goals is to educate the UCOP community about BASC’s services and role and to make sure UCOP clients get acquainted with the entire BASC team and the services they provide. You can find more details on BASC’s updated website.

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