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Local HR gets 75% approval in customer satisfaction survey

UCOP Local Human Resources is responsive and focused on solving problems but does not always communicate consistently or exhibit clarity in its recommended path. So said a selected group of OP managers and supervisors in a survey administered by HR last July.

Of 32 respondents, 75 percent agreed or strongly agreed that the department is responsive, knowledgeable and accurate, focused on solving problems and understanding of its clients’ business needs.

Services with the highest customer satisfaction included performance management and recruitment/selection; services with the lowest satisfaction were onboarding of new employees and processing leaves of absence.

“The survey was designed to measure HR’s progress in meeting our clients’ needs since the department was reorganized last January,” said John Fox, executive director of UCOP Local HR. “We want to be transparent about our strengths and weaknesses and want people to let us know how we can serve them better.”

Vice President for Human Resources Dwaine Duckett said the purpose of the reorganization was to “decouple” OP’s services from UCSF, in part to better meet the unique needs of OP managers and employees. While there was no lack of anecdotal data for how HR was doing, Duckett added, the survey was conducted to establish baseline metrics for their local UCOP services.

The plan is to administer the survey every six months, with participants selected from among all HR client groups. While this survey focused on service to managers, the next survey will focus on service to employees.

Respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction with services and support in several areas, including performance management, recruitment and selection, hiring and orienting new hires, support through organizational change, assistance with benefits, leaves of absence and disciplinary actions.

Key themes emerged for areas in which local HR can be more proactive, Fox said, including:

  • Developing and publishing clear processes and procedures
  • Anticipating issues and communicating about them in open forums like brown bags
  • Following up with clients in a timely manner
  • Providing accurate and consistent support to UCOP employees
  • Educating and keeping employees informed of policy and procedures and benefits issues

“When you get HR’s attention, they do a good job, but sometimes that can take a while,” one respondent wrote. “We feel that all the areas where we have experienced dissatisfaction in the past are being addressed,” wrote another.

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