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Add your favorites to UCOP’s new map of local eateries

Do your coworkers come to you asking if you know the best place to grab some dim sum over the lunch hour? Or maybe you strolled down Broadway one day and found a killer slice of pizza that everyone needs to know about.

As a new standing feature of Link, we’re launching a shared Google map where OP employees can pin their favorite spots to eat as well as comment on some of their experiences.

The idea is to make a useful tool for new employees and veterans alike, to share the collective “foodie” knowledge of OP staff. Maybe you know a place that’s great for a lunch meeting with your team, a quiet retreat with a friend, or maybe you’re on deadline and need a fast no-nonsense sandwich close by.

We’ve added a few spots to start, but don’t be shy about adding more. Leave a comment below to recommend your favorite spots, and we’ll add them to the map to share with the entire UCOP community. Or, if you have a comment about an eatery already on the map, let us know and we’ll add it to the existing annotation.

With Oakland’s rich variety of eateries, from hole-in-the-wall joints to more formal contemporary restaurants, we hope this evolving resource will help you find just the right spot for any price point or setting.

Click UCOP’s Favorite Food to see a larger view of the map. To get more details, you can navigate in two ways: click on the restaurant name in the left nav bar, or click on the icons on the map to view by location.

View UCOP’s Favorite Food in a larger map

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