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Reminder: E-mail management brown bags this week

E-mail management is coming to UCOP offices on July 1. This means that all unmanaged e-mail messages — messages that have not been moved to a storage location — will be deleted automatically after one year.

E-mail management is good business practice and can help organizations and employees, including you, keep track of large volumes of documents and communications in the following ways:

  • It helps employees cope with e-mail volume.
  • It helps employees find business records stored in a central location rather than in an individual’s e-mail account.
  • It mitigates risk for the institution by reducing the volume of e-mail that may be subject to legal searches.

Program guidelines allow you to keep any e-mail you need, but you must move it to a file share, a personal folder, the new Outlook Archive that will be available starting June 30, or other storage location. These storage locations are not subject to deletion.

The program was developed by UCOP’s senior leadership and has the support of President Mark Yudof and his cabinet. It is being implemented by ITS.

To help you prepare for the program, ITS has developed resources and will hold three demos to cover techniques for managing e-mail. All demos will be held from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on the following dates in these locations:

  • Tuesday, May 22: Kaiser Building, Room 1217
  • Wednesday, May 23: 415 20th Street Building, Room 302
  • Friday, May 25: Franklin Building, Lobby 1 Conference Room

For more information about e-mail management, please see the following online resources:

>> UCOP e-mail management program

>> UCOP e-mail management guidelines

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