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Nonexempt staff prepare to switch to biweekly pay

Approximately 380 nonexempt UCOP employees are preparing to transition to biweekly pay on July 1, part of the UC Path initiative to institute a single, university-wide payroll and HR system across all 10 campuses and five medical centers, including UCOP.

Affected staff will receive their last monthly paycheck on Friday, June 29, and start receiving biweekly paychecks July 18.

In new developments since Link’s last report, employees represented by AFSCME, CUE and UPTE will now also transition to biweekly pay on July 1. Represented employees are also eligible for the Transition Assistance Program.

The Transition Assistance Program offers short-term, no-interest loans or vacation cash-out payments to help affected staff with cash flow through the transition period. So far, 140 employees are taking advantage of the program, and applications will continue to be accepted through Monday, Aug. 6. (The exception is UPTE employees, whose deadline was June 22).

A new resource, the biweekly conversion calculator (BWCC), is also available for those affected to estimate their actual pay under the new biweekly calendar and give them a more accurate picture of how the new schedule will affect their net pay.

The BWCC was developed at UCLA, where UCOP’s payroll is currently processed. It is a worksheet that guides employees through the steps required to convert earnings and deductions from the monthly earning statement into biweekly terms to produce an estimate of the biweekly net pay.

By the end of July, all UCOP staff, both represented and policy covered as well as those paid monthly and biweekly, will use the Time Reporting System (TRS) to report time worked. The TRS is UC’s new online time reporting system, which eliminates paper timesheets and streamlines payroll processing.

For more resources, go to the UCPath at UCOP website, which includes links to:

  • Employee communications about the pay cycle conversion
  • FAQs about the pay cycle conversion and the Transition Assistance Program
  • UCLA Biweekly Payroll Calendar
  • Biweekly Pay Quick Facts
  • UCLA Biweekly Conversion Calculator and instructions
  • Payroll Transition Assistance Program request form
  • UCPath overview on the Working Smarter website

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