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Look out for all new UCOP website, launching Friday, Nov. 9

When you log into on Friday, Nov. 9, you will find a new design and navigation that should provide a much clearer picture of how the Office of the President is organized and make content much simpler to find.

Communications and ITS have been working for more than a year with representatives from each department to evaluate, organize, design and migrate content from all UCOP departments into the new design. (Note that the existing site will remain in place until its redesign is complete in early 2013.)

The UCOP site’s new look is only the beginning, said Katherine Edwards,  director of Integrated Communications. The site runs on a content management system (CMS) that maintains a consistent design while enabling department representatives to edit and update their own content, even if they don’t know how to code. Departments will be able to oversee their own content — making updates quicker and more efficient to maintain — or they can continue to work with ITS on updates.

“People will notice a dramatic change in the site’s look and, more important, in its structure, navigation and functionality, all of which are designed to better reflect UCOP’s current organization and serve departments’ business needs,” Edwards said. “It’s a huge leap in terms of how we organize and think about our content.”

Like any big change, the new site will require some adjustments. When it goes live, it will replace the old site. But old links and bookmarks will automatically redirect you to the new department home page. Once you’re there, you’ll see that all department sites use the same basic template, with consistent places for information such as staff directories and frequently sought resources.

The site will use Google Site Search and Google Analytics, so you’ll be able to search for content easily, and departments will be able to make popular content more visible. Every page of the site includes a search box, a link to the directory search and a footer listing all divisions and departments, so you can always navigate from one place to another. For resources specific to the Office of the President, check out the new Navigating UCOP, which replaces the old PDF version with a new, easier-to-use format.

“The departments have been indispensible in helping us build this site,” Edwards said, adding that everyone is encouraged to submit suggestions about the site through the “Share feedback” button, right under the photo of President Yudof on the home page.

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