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Survey, workspace study under way at Oakland locations

Activities began this week as part of the Strategic Workspace Planning Initiative, UCOP’s study to determine how effectively workspace is being used and, ultimately, address space challenges in UCOP’s Oakland office buildings.

An online survey and space utilization study launched yesterday, Dec. 3, to gather information from staff about their existing workspaces and to send research teams through Oakland offices to observe how workspaces are currently being used.

The all-staff online survey was distributed via UCOP listserv yesterday and will be open until 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 14. The survey is your best opportunity to share ideas about your workspace and how it is currently meeting your work needs. Please set aside approximately 10 to 15 uninterrupted minutes to complete it, and respond early so you don’t miss the opportunity to participate.

Important note: When taking the survey, do not use your back button or exit the survey once you begin; otherwise you will need to start over again. Responses are completely anonymous, so the survey has no identifying information and is unable to record who you are or your progress.

Teams of observers yesterday also began the space utilization study, which will continue through Monday, Dec. 10. The study involves repeated walkthroughs of Oakland office buildings to observe and measure how workspace is currently being used. (The observation team will not be in the Franklin building on Friday, Dec. 7, due to the Holiday Crafts Fair and other scheduled events.)

Researchers will be looking into selected enclosed office and meeting rooms to observe activities in order to collect specific data. Note that they will be observing how space is used, not what you are working on, and only selected offices will be observed.

To keep disruptions to a minimum, if you have an enclosed office or are using a meeting room that has been tagged for inclusion in the study, please leave the door cracked open when you are present. If you are engaged in a private meeting or phone call and wish to close the door, please use the hangtags provided to indicate the type of activity you are engaged in.

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