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Thank you for your feedback! Printing Smarter moving ahead

With nearly 100 new Xerox machines up and running, the Printing Smarter program continues to evolve, thanks in part to feedback from you.

A survey distributed through Link last fall to solicit feedback about the new multifunction devices, new procedures, training and service received 183 responses.

Many concerns focused on the logon procedure for printing, faxing and scanning, which was regarded as cumbersome and time-consuming. Another concern was service response times, which were slow in some cases.

Improvements are in the works or are being considered based on this feedback, said Business Operations Manager Aaron McCoy.

“We are working to deliver on all our promises,” McCoy said, “and that includes making sure the devices are easy to use and promptly serviced.”

Possible improvements include simplifying the logon procedure and establishing a single contact at UCOP for service requests. But McCoy said he can’t provide any specifics yet, as solutions need to be carefully studied to keep costs and rates for recharging services back to departments as low as possible.

Complaints about the logon procedure have been exacerbated by the fact that departments have not yet received recharge reports, McCoy added. He explained that Xerox servers have been unable to communicate with UCOP print servers, preventing access to recharge data. These issues should be resolved by the first week of February.

On the positive side, many users reported that they appreciated the new equipment, the improved quality, the ability to print anywhere and UCOP’s move toward more centralized and sustainable print services.

“The print quality is really good and the machines are easy to use and intuitive,” one employee wrote. And another: “I appreciate the inclusion of sustainable practices, such as making double-sided and black-and-white printing the default for all print jobs.”

For those who reported the need for additional training, training on the new devices will be ongoing and will be announced as it happens. In the meantime, if you have specific training needs, please email or see the detailed instruction manuals and other resources on the print management website.

Updates will be forthcoming on any changes to existing procedures for requesting service, but for now, please follow instructions posted near the devices, or visit the Work Management Center in 6314 Franklin, 510-987-0600.

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  1. Jean January 15, 2013 Reply

    The new machines are good, but they are very slow. Is there a way the priting can be sped up? Another suggestion: when people put in “special” paper can they please remove and reset the printer to 8.5 x 11. This happens frequently … Thanks!

  2. Emily Montan February 26, 2013 Reply

    I also think that new machines are slow and inadequate for the departments which require hard copies of important documents. The closing of the print shop at Franklin delays some of the larger print jobs. However, I wish more people would use UCSF’s printing services for their larger jobs. If you ask in the morning, it comes back the next day.

    Finally, for 1 page print jobs – I wish had kept my personal printer. Waiting for medium sized print jobs or for fixing our printer causes work delays.

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