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AVP Michael Reese to assume temporary role for UC Merced

Executive Vice President for Business Operations Nathan Brostrom delivered the following message to UCOP staff today, Tuesday, June 11:

Dear UCOP colleagues:

I am writing to inform you of a temporary change in the Division of Business Operations Business Operations Immediate Office.

Effective July 1, Associate Vice President Michael Reese, who serves as my Chief of Staff and oversees the OP Budget Office, Center for Operational Excellence (COPE), and Strategic Projects, will also be acting in the capacity of Vice Chancellor of Administration at UC Merced, succeeding the retiring Mary Miller. He will serve in this role for the next six months, or until a permanent Vice Chancellor is named. During this period, it is expected that Michael will be on the Merced campus at least two days a week.

While Michael will continue to perform many of his OP duties, out of necessity he will also be delegating some day-to-day responsibility to OP Budget Director Donna Jones, COPE Director Karla Campbell, and Strategic Projects Director Kobie Crowder. They all are extremely capable managers in their own right and have strong teams in place to help meet your immediate budget, operations, and initiative management or monitoring needs.

If you have issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Michael or me.



Nathan Brostrom
Executive Vice President, Business Operations

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