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Reminder: UCOP publicity guidelines take effect July 1

We’ve all seen the handmade fliers taped on the walls by the elevators, in the bathrooms and in other common spaces.

What most people aren’t aware of is that the taping of fliers on walls, refrigerators, near elevators and in other areas is not only a wasteful use of paper and can damage wall paint, but these kinds of practices also violate UC policy.

The UCOP Human Resources procedure on the use of UCOP facilities by employees and employee groups, including labor unions, states that, “no literature or materials may be affixed to walls, ceilings, elevators, stairways, etc., at any time.” New UCOP guidelines, which go into effect July 1, reiterate this statement and emphasize the need to balance employee community-building efforts with other considerations, such as equal access to facilities, principles of community and sustainability.

The existing procedure has not been enforced in the past but needs to be, said Michael Reese, associate vice president of Business Operations.

“The HR procedure exists for a good reason, and these new guidelines are intended to reinforce it,” Reese said. “The homespun notices on the walls announcing group activities, happy hours and other social events look unprofessional, not just for staff but also for visitors coming to UCOP from UC campuses and state government offices.”

The new Guidelines for publicizing events and activities at UCOP explain not only the rules but also the numerous options available to UCOP staff for getting the word out about their activities in a responsible, effective way. The guidelines were developed by the OP Operations Council, made up of representatives from all UCOP operational units including the Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC), local HR and Communications.

OP supports staff networking efforts and a strong employee community and offers departments and employee groups a variety of vehicles for sharing information with the OP community. These include the Link newsletter, the online events calendar, public posting areas such as the Franklin lobby and Kaiser kitchens and in-person activities such as Friday breakfasts and brown bags.

Reese said communications tools like Link and brown bags have become an effective way to help staff organize and promote activities. Likewise, with increasing email fatigue, email blasts, once a common practice, are less effective than a targeted email or well-timed announcement in Link.

The new guidelines take effect Monday, July 1. Beginning July 1, representatives of UCOP Operations Council will work with leadership to remove any postings that do not comply with the guidelines.

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  1. Emily Montan June 25, 2013 Reply

    I am delighted to read that the posting guidelines will be enforced. I try to comply but when others advertise in elevators and at elevator landings, it becomes “well if they’re allowed – why not me?” syndrome. I look forward to the enforcement.

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