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Counseling services available free of charge through FSAP

Are you worried or depressed, or are you dealing with elder or dependent care issues at home? Do you have work-related problems you’d like to discuss with a professional counselor?

UCOP employees have access to free, confidential one-on-one counseling services through UC San Francisco’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP).

You can set up appointments with licensed mental health providers by calling 415-476-8279, and in-person appointments are available at the Kaiser Building on Tuesdays.

Services include individual counseling; consultation for managers, supervisors and administrators; and assistance in investigating threats and violence within the workplace.

Being mentally healthy is just as important as staying in good physical condition, and talking about problems is a great way to start feeling better and finding solutions. UCSF has been providing FSAP services to UCOP staff for more than four years, and no problem is too small or too serious to bring to them.

Find out more about the FSAP program or call 415-476-8279 to make your appointment.

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