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President’s Committee on Women invites you to apply for membership

If you’ve ever attended one of the Women We Admire talks, you know about the great work being done by the President’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (PACSW).

One of the largest and most active of UCOP’s staff groups, PACSW is seeking new members, and this month they are inviting any career employee (who is not covered under a collective bargaining agreement) to self-nominate for a limited number of open spots on the committee.

If you’re interested, email a personal statement to by 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23. Briefly describe (in about one paragraph) why you would like to join the group and what contributions you believe you can make.

“We are looking for fresh faces on the committee because a number of people are rotating off, and we’re thinking ahead for succession planning purposes,” said PACSW Chair Stella Ngai (pictured above, far left). The group revised their charter to create new avenues for joining and to clarify the process for members to cycle on and off, she said.

Ngai was one of 17 charter members appointed by President Robert Dynes when he formed PACSW in 2008, in the wake of the Creating Change Initiative coordinated by former Associate President Linda Williams and UCSF Center for Gender Equity Director Amy Levine.

The group’s purpose is to recommend programs and other activities or policies that afford women equal opportunity, fair access, inclusion and advancement. Most UC locations have a similar group, and local groups have representatives on the Systemwide Advisory Committee on the Status of Women.

UCOP’s PACSW has 33 members who meet monthly and accomplish their work through a number of subcommittees. The monthly meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month at noon. Terms are for two years, and most members donate from three to five hours monthly to PACSW activities, Ngai said.

The Women We Admire speaker series, with about 10 events per year, is just one of the group’s contributions to the UCOP community. They also sponsor professional development and staff mobility opportunities. Membership offers leadership opportunities on both the group and subcommittee levels.

Nominees will be considered based on the personal statement and the terms of the PACSW Charter, which requires that membership be composed of a broad representation of UCOP units. As the group’s sponsor, EVP Nathan Brostrom approves and appoints all members.

PACSW anticipates that new members will be notified by the end of September.

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