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Another ambitious year in store for OP Staff Assembly Steering Committee

The OP Staff Assembly (OPSA) Steering Committee is gearing up for another lively year of bold initiatives, fun social events and outreach activities — all to build engagement, connection and quality of life within the OP community.

Top 2013–14 projects include the Staff Engagement Initiative, Staff Appreciation Week and ongoing support of the Friday breakfast greeters program.

Claudia Escobar (pictured above), senior analyst in Academic Planning, Programs & Coordination, takes the helm as OPSA chair and junior delegate to the systemwide Council of UC Staff Assemblies, which represents staff assembly organizations at all UC locations.

“The Staff Assembly this year will be building on the momentum created by last year’s community building efforts and increasing our visibility with staff and managers,” Escobar said. One of the ways they will be doing this is through the Staff Engagement Initiative.

“The initiative is driving us to create cross-departmental teams that will help break down our work silos and build on OP’s Mentorship Program and other professional development programs,” Escobar said. She also plans to hold some after-hours social events and explore building stronger ties with the surrounding Oakland community.

Other members of the 11-person steering committee, which was elected in an OP-wide online ballot last June, are:

  • Darlene Alvarez, communications co-chair
  • Melissa Amescua, Friday breakfasts lead
  • Nancy Chamberlain, community project planning lead
  • Tracy FitzGerald, communications co-chair
  • Peter Forde, program co-chair
  • Matthew Leet, program co-chair
  • Gemma Rieser, CUCSA senior delegate, dessert and learn events lead
  • Dan Scannell, vice chair
  • Jeanie Urban, staff engagement lead
  • Karla Wood, treasurer and secretary

You’ve probably already heard about the Staff Engagement Initiative, which is now soliciting OP staff to serve on working groups that will explore results of the 2012 Staff Engagement Survey and make recommendations in key areas that need improvement.

OPSA is also supporting this year’s Staff Appreciation Week, which will take place Sept. 30 to Oct. 4 and feature some of the same popular events as last year to celebrate the great people and the excellent work they do at UCOP.

Remember: You can help with any of these efforts because, while the steering committee provides organization and leadership, all OP staff are members of the OP Staff Assembly. Anyone is welcome to attend monthly meetings, held the second Wednesday of each month (see the Link calendar for location).

The OP Staff Assembly steering committee wants to hear from you! Feel free to contact steering committee members with your questions or ideas, attend a meeting or submit comments via their website.

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