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Join Franklin’s floor warden team: Open House Aug. 21

Everyone is responsible for fire safety, but if you want to take on a little more responsibility, why not volunteer to become a floor warden at the Franklin Building?

Franklin Fire Safety Director Matthew Leet (the one with the megaphone) is recruiting new floor wardens for the Franklin Building team. He’ll be hosting an open house to showcase the building’s fire and life safety features and talk about the rewards of being a floor warden on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 12 to 1 p.m. in Franklin Lobby 1 Conference Room.

Wardens are responsible for attending training and learning what to do in drills or real emergencies. They get to add a bright orange vest to their wardrobe and serve as extra “eyes and ears” around the building for anything out of the ordinary, like leaking pipes or malfunctioning light fixtures.

It’s a great way to get involved in the UCOP community, learn valuable safety tips for work and home . . . and get free treats! Wardens meet twice yearly, and Leet always brings abundant supplies of sweet and salty snacks.

If you’re interested in being a floor warden, attend the open house or contact Leet directly at or 510-587-6102.

You can find a wealth of emergency preparedness information online, including how to develop a disaster plan or disaster supply kit at work or at home. Go to the UCOP Staff Emergency Preparedness webpage.

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