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UCOPAlert: New emergency alert system for UCOP employees launches

A new emergency notification system that delivers alerts to your personal home phone, cell phone or email regarding UCOP building closures or other urgent situations debuts this month.

The new UCOPAlert system will be used to send emergency notifications outside normal business hours, when you are not at the office but need to know about a situation that may affect your ability to come to or perform work.

Emergencies may include natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires, a transportation or power outage, and demonstrations affecting UCOP locations. The alerts will include a description of the emergency, instructions on what to do and, depending on the situation, a request to confirm that you’ve received the alert and are safe.

“Emergencies can happen any time. UCOPAlert will allow us to notify employees quickly during off-hours to ensure everyone gets the information they need to make informed decisions and stay safe,” said Robert Charbonneau, program manager in Risk Services Emergency Management.

Personal contact information will remain confidential and will be used only for emergency notifications. Employee information will be stored in the secure government-grade data servers administered by Siemens, a global technologies firm that is working with UCOP on this emergency notification system. Only system administrators can access these servers and solely for UCOPAlert.

To register for the alerts on your personal cell phone, home phone or email address:

  • After you log in the first time, select a permanent password that is personal to you. Click the “Profile” tab, then the “Change Password” tab.
  • You can register as many phone numbers and email addresses as you want and designate which device you prefer to receive alerts first, then second, third, etc.

Registering your personal contact information is entirely voluntary but strongly encouraged so you can stay abreast of emergencies that may affect your ability to work.

To learn more and get guidance on how to register for alerts, check out the 30-minute UCOPAlert webinar, Thursday, Sept. 5, 9 to 9:30 a.m. At the time of the webinar, sign in online through ReadyTalk and enter access code 9879821 in the “participant join a meeting” box. Then dial in by phone at 866-740-1260, using the same access code. The webinar will be recorded and archived online on the UCOPAlert website.

During normal work hours, UCOP will continue to notify employees of emergencies through work email, office phones or the public announcement system. UCOPAlert is a tool that allows you to receive alerts when you are away from the office.

Other UC campuses have similar employee emergency notification systems.

See the UCOPAlert website to get more details, including how to register and find the answers to frequently asked questions.

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