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Eduroam wireless access now available at UCOP

Did you know that UCOP has joined a network that enables you to securely access the Internet from educational institutions throughout the world, including 10 locations in Kenya, 116 locations in Paris and 393 locations in Australia?

UCOP has joined eduroam, a fast-growing network that allows users in the educational and research communities to securely access the Internet from any participating institution worldwide.

This means that whether you’re on a routine outing to a UC campus or on a business trip to London, you can get wireless access without having to log in with a local ID and password. Just request access before you go and click on eduroam in your computer’s list of wireless network connections to connect to the Internet.

To receive eduroam access, simply submit a request to the IT Service Hub or email The IT Service Desk will set up your login and provide simple instructions for configuring your laptop or mobile device.

Eduroam is a secure, worldwide, roaming-access service developed for the research and education community. It provides free wireless access to those affiliated with participating institutions.

Most UC campuses participate, along with many other international universities. UCOP staff can use eduroam whenever they visit a participating institution and see eduroam listed in their wireless connections. Likewise, campus staff visiting UCOP will also be able to access the Internet through the service.

(Please note that eduroam does not provide individual assistance or support for availability or reliable operation. For access and information on configuring your devices, contact UCOP’s IT Service Hub.)

Check the eduroam website for more.

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  1. Ryan September 17, 2013 Reply

    The very last link doesn’t lead to the eduroam website; instead it links to the Service Hub.

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