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The new Link offers improved ways to search and receive content

If you’ve checked out the new Link, you already know that it’s easier to:

  • find new content (go directly to a story from the postcard with just one click)
  • read (the font is clearer, and you can actually see the hyperlinks)
  • navigate (no more hidden content in the top section).

Here are two additional upgrades to help you receive fresh content automatically and find archived information: the RSS feed and the new, more powerful archives search.

RSS feed

Click on the RSS feed button at the bottom right of any page to subscribe to Link’s RSS feed, a service that automatically “feeds” you content whenever the site is refreshed.

We encourage you to try the RSS feed on your preferred browser (except for Chrome) so that you can receive Link updates in between weekly content refreshes without the need to check the site for new updates. If you’re not familiar with RSS and are interested in learning more, see this BBC backgrounder, the best explanation we’ve found on RSS.

Link archives and search

Now it’s much easier to find past content on the new Link site, thanks to the improved search and archive functions. You have several options:

  • Search by key word(s): Just type key words from the story you’re looking for in the search box in the top right-hand corner of any page to get a stream of content results.
  • Search by content categories: You can also search by the new content categories, which are listed at the top of the Archives page (see the link in the far right of the top navigation bar on any page). Or search by old or new categories by locating a story on its own page or on the home page(s) and clicking the small orange title to the left and under the date of the post.
  • Search by date: Go to the Archives page (this takes a moment to load because it’s bringing up all the content back to Link’s early days in January 2009). Just locate the year, then month of the post you are looking for and click to bring up a list of headlines from that month. Click on “View complete archive page” to see the headlines listed with their story summaries.

Look for more next week on using the Link online calendar and new Classes & Workshops page to find and schedule events. We will also hold two brown bags next month to answer your questions, 12 to 1 p.m., as follows:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 4, in 11326 Franklin
  • Thursday, Dec. 12, in 1018 Kaiser

Questions? Contact Communications Coordinator Patti Meagher at





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