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Efficiency ideas wanted: Website welcomes your input

Screen shot from Efficiency Review websiteIn support of President Napolitano’s efficiency review, all OP staff now have a new website to use to submit ideas and suggestions for making OP more efficient and cost effective:

The vast majority of ideas for improvements and changes are expected to come from staff — those who do the work and know best where the opportunities lie. OP leadership is strongly encouraging every person working at OP to send in their ideas, big or small, which can be submitted anonymously.

As ideas come in, they’ll be assessed by the efficiency review’s working group for savings, impact, feasibility and other criteria. The most promising suggestions and the working group’s recommendations for action will be posted to the website for the OP community and campuses to review. The website also provides an overview of the initiative and includes answers to key questions.

President Napolitano launched the efficiency review shortly after she began her tenure as UC’s 20th president, stressing that operating as efficiently as possible is an ongoing priority, especially in these times of uncertain government support for UC and uneven economic growth.

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  1. Robert Franks December 17, 2013 Reply

    There should be some sort of financial incentive to help encourage folks to submit ideas. It should be a percent (10%?) of the annual cost savings to the University. It should only be awarded at the end of the first year of deployment after the cost savings have been realized and proven effective.

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