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Help UCOP Building Services keep Franklin building flu free

The flu continues to hit hard this season, and UCOP’s Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC) is doing its part to keep the bug at bay.

As part of their routine nightly cleaning, Franklin custodial crews are disinfecting surfaces and objects that are touched often in public spaces throughout the building. That includes areas such as doorknobs and table surfaces in the kitchens, bathrooms and conference rooms as well as call buttons on the elevators and the entry and exit gates in the front lobby.

“We’re trying to hit the public touch surfaces in areas of the building that get the heaviest traffic,” said BASC Director Steven Murray. “We’re disinfecting offices and cubicles on a regular basis, but we can’t cover individual offices and cubicles every night. So we’re making supplies available for employees who may want to disinfect more frequently.”

BASC is providing antibacterial hand gel and disinfecting wipes for you to disinfect items in your own work area, including work surfaces, keyboards and telephones. Just come to the Work Management Center in 6314 Franklin to pick up your supplies. If you are in another building, call 987-0600 to have supplies delivered to you.

All OP facilities are also equipped with automatic hand sanitizer dispensers in public areas. If the dispenser in your area is broken, missing or needs a refill, please submit an iRequest to have it serviced.

You can help prevent the spread of illness — whether it’s a basic cold or full-on flu — by incorporating a few simple steps into your daily routine. These include frequent and thorough hand washing, using hand sanitizer, covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, getting vaccinated and, if you do get sick, avoiding contact with others.

For more on how to keep from getting or spreading the flu, see the Jan. 17 Link story.


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  1. Ryan Chan January 31, 2014 Reply

    Perhaps we can also have dispensers with masks for employees and visitors. They are extremely inexpensive and can help prevent disease transmission.

    The New York Times ( also suggested “cough catchers”

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