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President Napolitano implementing budget capping measures at UCOP

UC President Janet Napolitano issued the following notice to the UCOP community on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014:

Dear Colleagues:

As I’ve met with many of you over the last several months, I’ve been struck by your passion and commitment to improving the UC and the Office of the President (UCOP) in support of the University’s important missions. During my review of UCOP’s budget, I’ve concluded that a key part of our mutual efforts to continually improve the University is ensuring that we are using UCOP’s resources in the most prudent manner given the persistent fiscal challenges the University continues to face. Accordingly, I’m writing to share with you several measures that I’m implementing with respect to the Office of the President’s budget.

Building on the recently announced Position Control and Efficiency Review processes, I am directing the following:

  • UCOP’s 2014–15 unrestricted budget will not increase.
  • UCOP personnel will be capped at current levels, and filling any replacements or vacancies will require prior approval. Departments will be required to develop staffing plans and address future needs and attrition. This is not a hiring freeze, but rather an effort to make sure our staffing is best aligned with our priorities.
  • The use of outside consultants or independent contractors will require prior approval.
  • Travel and entertainment is to be reduced by 10 percent.

Additionally, I am directing that the Office of the President carry out a budget review covering the next two years that, in consultation with campuses, will help determine its appropriate size, shape and role. The aim of the review is to identify redundancies within UCOP as well as overlap with the campuses. It’s also meant to uncover inefficient business processes and operations and determine the appropriate place for certain functions, either at the Office of the President or on the campuses.

I believe these measures are both necessary and prudent, and will help ensure that the Office of the President is set up to best further the University’s important missions.

More information will be coming to your department soon about how the budget capping measures will be implemented.

Yours very truly,

Janet Napolitano


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