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New Commuter Check Direct prepaid MasterCards coming in April

If you use the Commuter Check Card to pay for transit or parking, you’ll be issued a new card next month.

The new prepaid cards, issued by Commuter Check Direct, can be loaded with both parking and transit benefits, unlike the current system, which provides separate cards for transit and parking.

The new card should arrive by mail by April 25 and will replace all current cards. It will be funded only with the benefit amounts you’ve ordered for May, and you’ll need to transfer existing balances from your current cards to the new one. Your current cards will remain active through Wednesday, April 30, unless you transfer the funds before then.

To ensure the safe delivery of the new Commuter Check Card, you should verify your current mailing address in your Commuter Check Direct account by April 12.

You will receive instructions from Commuter Check Direct on how to transfer funds between the cards.

You’ll be able to use the new card for payments with all the same parking and/or transit vendors. But if you’ve set up any of your current cards as the funding source for other commuter accounts (Clipper, BART EZRider, etc.), you should log in to those accounts and update the credit card information as soon as possible.

Please contact Commuter Check Direct with any questions at 1-888-235-9223, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT.

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