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Floor plans, UCOP LinkedIn group: Latest Efficiency ideas to be implemented

UC President Janet Napolitano issued the following update about the Efficiency Review to the UCOP community on March 31:

Dear UCOP Colleagues:

Thanks to all of you who have participated in the UCOP Efficiency Review. As I reported last month, hundreds of excellent ideas have been submitted for ways we can improve our quality of service for both OP and its campus customers. These are being continuously reviewed for ideas we can implement promptly.

Here are the recommendations I’ve asked the Efficiency Working Group to begin implementing this month:

  1. Floor plans near elevators: Post floor plans near elevators in Franklin, Kaiser (UC floors) and 20th St. showing major meeting rooms, restrooms, kitchenettes and stairways. Building Services is able to begin right away on these mini-maps, which will help visitors and staff in their own and other OP buildings navigate to meetings and other public spaces, and also to exits in the event of an evacuation. Thanks to Stephanie Leider in the Office of the General Counsel for this idea.
  2. LinkedIn group for OP staff: Develop a secure (private) LinkedIn group for OP employees to help foster staff connections and collaboration across divisions and departments. Early feedback indicates that such a tool would be easily implementable and could also facilitate locating internal talent rather than hiring outside contractors and consultants. Look for more details next month.

The ER Working Group this month also began holding focus group sessions with interested members of the OP community to further explore whole categories of ideas. Volunteer facilitators Garen Corbett and Emily Rader led a group through two brainstorming sessions focused on Staying Current at UCOP to find ways to keep us all up to date with changes in processes/procedures and other UCOP news and events. Lifang Chiang, Jeannie Malanowski and Annette Morrison-Politeo led a group on sustainability at UCOP and are planning another session in April. We look forward to seeing their recommendations soon.

In the days and weeks ahead, please look for more announcements and calls to participate in additional focus groups that will look more deeply into your ideas for a more efficient UCOP.

Thank you again for your participation — and keep the ideas coming!

Yours very truly,

Janet Napolitano


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