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Check out the new way-finding system pilot on Franklin’s seventh floor

Franklin 7 mapHave you noticed the new floor plans and color-coded walls near the elevators on the seventh floor of the Franklin building? UCOP’s Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC) has begun implementing an improved way-finding system for UCOP buildings, and they want your feedback.

Here’s how it works:

Signs near each elevator include a floor plan and directory of major conference rooms and departments on that floor. Floor plans are oriented based on whether you’re facing the north or south side of the building.

The building has been divided into quadrants, and walls are color-coded either blue (think ocean, or west) or gold (think hills, or east). Lighter shades of each color indicate a north-facing quadrant, while darker shades indicate a south-facing quadrant, and each corner of the building is clearly labeled with its compass direction.

The floor plans highlight major UCOP department and conference room locations with text and color-coded arrows. Restrooms, kitchens and exit stairways are also labeled. Color-coded signs in each corner of the elevator lobby (keyed to wall color) will point you to its quadrant and the range of room numbers and departments it contains. There are also signs in the main walkway on either side of the building indicating quadrants and range of room numbers.

The upgrades are in response to a UCOP Efficiency Review suggestion requesting mini-maps to help staff and visitors locate conference rooms and other public areas.

Check it out and send your questions or comments to BASC Director Steve Murray at (510) 587-6428 or After a review and comment period, the system will be installed throughout Franklin, and similar systems for UCOP’s Kaiser floors and 20th St. will follow.



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