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Efficiency Review improvements include cloud computing, videoconferencing

Last week, President Napolitano announced the latest steps she’s asked the Efficiency Review Working Group to begin implementing as UCOP moves forward with its Efficiency Review. Below is the text of her announcement:

Dear UCOP Colleagues,

The UCOP Efficiency Review is going strong and it’s been energizing to see the breadth and creativity of the ideas submitted over the last few months. Your enthusiasm for improving UCOP’s efficiency is impressive. Please keep the ideas coming.

Here are the latest recommendations I’ve asked the Efficiency Working Group to begin implementing this month:

1) Cloud computing offers access from anywhere at any time – Faced with a more mobile workforce that often needs access to computing resources outside of office hours and from far-flung locations, ITS has created the Anytime/Anywhere Access program to give UCOP the power of cloud computing. The program, which will go into effect starting in July, will allow UCOP employees to use almost any device, including personal devices, to access data and other work. You’ll use a “private cloud”—dedicated server space in our secure data center—to store your data, run applications and do all your computing. Rather than save data to a desktop or laptop, you’ll save it to servers in the cloud. Most applications will be launched from the cloud rather than individual hard drives. This program will greatly increase our workforce’s flexibility and efficiency while ensuring sensitive data is stored securely on protected servers rather than on devices that might get lost or stolen.

2) New desktop and mobile device video conferencing – People in several departments suggested we adopt a new video conferencing service to make it easier to work in groups, accommodate our increasing use of mobile devices and cut travel expenses. The service we’ve chosen, called Fuze, is more versatile than iLinc and ReadyTalk and is flexible enough to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our workforce. Fuze is cloud based, always available and allows for easy content sharing. It’s simple to use, integrates with all of the operating systems we use and Outlook, and works in our video conferencing rooms. It can handle multiple high-definition video streams at a time and up to 250 participants. We expect substantial efficiency gains and improved quality from adopting Fuze.

3) Add electric vehicle chargers in the Franklin garage – Two parking spots in the Franklin building garage have been designated for electric vehicles only and equipped for EV charging. In addition, Building and Administrative Services is studying the feasibility of adding rapid-charging stations to further boost EV parking availability. These charging stations make it possible for UCOP staff to bring EVs to work, will lower their fuel costs and get them to work faster by giving them access to high occupancy vehicle lanes. Increased EV use by UCOP staff will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help UCOP meet its sustainability goals. Please contact the Work Management Center with any questions.

This month, I’d like to thank the team that implemented the LinkedIn group meant to help foster connections and collaboration across divisions and departments. Siena Carter of systemwide HR, Ginny Cox Delaney of the Center for Operations Excellence, Candace Jones of ITS, Chris Noble of internal communications and Karla Wood of health sciences and services worked together to make the group a reality. The group, called UCOP Connect, is already live and has two dozen members, just days after launching. I encourage you to join and explore this new way to collaborate with your colleagues. You can read more about the group and find instructions on how to join in this week’s edition of Link.

Thanks again for your participation in our ongoing efforts to make UCOP a better, more efficient place to work.

Yours very truly,

Janet Napolitano




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