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President’s newsletter offers UC community opportunity to connect

Napolitano in citrus grove

UC President Janet Napolitano’s community newsletter, published every four to six weeks, offers faculty, staff, students and others an opportunity to connect with the president and hear directly from her about her priorities for the UC system, including changes she thinks are needed, both at the Office of the President and at the systemwide level.

Napolitano launched the newsletter earlier this year as one of several ways to foster a two-way dialogue with the UC community. In addition to sharing her views and activities with readers, she also welcomes their comments.

“In my role as chief advocate for UC, it’s important you know what I’m doing and thinking, and I also want to know what’s on your mind,” she wrote in her inaugural invitation.

Anyone interested in staying in touch with the president is invited to subscribe to her newsletter.

Napolitano’s first several newsletters have touched on topics including measures to make it easier for transfer students to attend UC, her support for undocumented students and her efforts to reinforce technology entrepreneurship at UC, her Web chats with students and staff, and her role as head of the U.S. Olympic delegation, to name just a few.

To subscribe to the newsletter, or to read past issues, click here.


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