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Communications advisory group and HR improvements under way

UCOP Communications and Local Human Resources are continuing to implement the action plans they developed in response to Staff Engagement work group recommendations issued in January.

The Communications Advisory Subcommittee, a subcommittee of OP Staff Assembly, has been created and will hold its first meeting next month. It is a new group of OP staff interested in helping to strengthen and facilitate employee communications throughout UCOP.

Co-chairing the group will be Kay Coelho of Education Partnerships, who is also OP Staff Assembly communications co-chair, and Patti Meagher of Internal Communications. Members, who went through an application and vetting process for acceptance into the group, include:

  • Peter Forde, senior analyst in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Fredye Harms, policy analyst in the Academic Senate
  • Amy Vrizuela, supervisor, Purchase Order and Payment Team, Business Resource Center
  • Alicia Wilson, department administrator, Budget and Capital Resources
  • Lena Zentall, project manager, California Digital Library

Members will get involved in such activities as providing input on selected communications, relaying feedback from the OP community, helping to disseminate messages and supporting communications projects.

UCOP Local Human Resources

UCOP Local HR has implemented several improvements as a direct result of recommendations from the Staff Engagement Initiative. These include eAppraisal, the online performance appraisal system already in use, and the STAR Award celebration, held Aug. 15 to showcase excellent performance and improve staff recognition.

The HR compensation team has also developed a new workshop about how compensation works at UCOP, including supervisorial tools to support career planning. Workshops for managers and supervisors are scheduled for September, and more sessions are planned later in the fall to help all employees with career planning.

For additional background see the Staff Engagement website.

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