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Last chance to give us your feedback: Link reader survey closes this Friday

Link anniversary survey
Thank you for all the great feedback you’ve been giving us on the Link reader survey. If you haven’t taken it yet, now’s your chance to give us your suggestions about Link, UCOP’s weekly newsletter, before the survey closes this Friday, Nov. 21.

It’s been a year since we debuted the new and improved Link, and now we want to know how it’s working for you. Please take the Link reader survey today, and tell your friends and colleagues to take it too, whether or not they read Link.

The survey contains just 10 quick questions and will take you about three minutes to complete. Your responses will provide information about your preferences for receiving and using Link and what types of content you look to Link for. That will help us make ongoing improvements in the newsletter.

We based the 2013 redesign on suggestions from our readers about what they wanted in Link, including an easier navigation, more reader-friendly design, better search functions and more multimedia content.

Over the past year we’ve continued to make incremental changes, some of which came directly from reader suggestions. These include an improved email announcement with live links to individual stories, quick links on the home page and calendar links.

So please take the time to give us input on the current Link and any suggestions you might have. Link is your newsletter! Keep that feedback coming and take the survey no later than 5 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 21.

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