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Shout-out to Benjamin Tsai, UCOP senior tax analyst

UCOP's Benjamin Tsai

Athelynne Robinson in the President’s Executive Office sent Link this shout-out to Benjamin Tsai (pictured above) for taking the initiative to improve his health, one day at a time:

“I would like to give a shout-out to Benjamin Tsai, UCOP senior tax analyst, who set a goal to lose weight by jogging. He started with short periods of time each day and a timeline of just one week. The pattern was to incrementally add minutes to each jog for a period of one month.

“Once that goal was met he continued to duplicate it by setting small reachable goals and, earlier this fall, he reached 365 days of jogging without missing a day.

“Benjamin has not only successfully lost weight, but his once high blood pressure is now normal, and his high sodium levels are now low enough that his doctor advised him to add more salt to his diet.

“He says the key was to set small, reachable goals, which added a sense of accomplishment, increasing his motivation to reach the next goal. Congratulations, Benjamin!”

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  1. Jeff Li December 9, 2014 Reply

    Great job Benjamin!

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