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Season’s greetings and updates from UCOP Buildings Services team

Franklin entrance
Season’s greetings from the UCOP Building Services team. This is the first of what will be regular updates in Link about what’s happening at UCOP buildings.

The building engineers include Michael Annas (20th St. and Kaiser buildings), Darryl Brown (UCPath Center in Riverside), Matthew Leet (Franklin and Broadway buildings) and Roman Starno (Franklin building chief manager).

During the winter closure, while most of us are off on a holiday break, these busy elves will be taking advantage of our empty buildings to handle annual cleaning of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems as well as painting and other maintenance to brighten up our surroundings for the new year.

Franklin building

Andre Cleveland from Mail Services will move to the engineering unit on Monday, Dec 22. In his new role as assistant engineer, he will be in training at both the Franklin and 20th St. buildings. Welcome, Andre!

In other news, the Franklin building has scheduled a thorough inspection of its roof to make sure it can handle the winter rains. The security control system will also be upgraded to allow improved data management and the ability to add new card reader doors to the system in Franklin, the UCOP garage and other Oakland sites.

Finally, Franklin floor wardens and department safety officers will merge to provide broader coverage during fire and earthquake drills and improve workplace safety awareness year-round at UCOP Oakland locations.

20th St. building

The emergency building relocation area has been moved from the back parking lot to the Union Bank parking lot across Franklin Street to allow safer and easier egress during drills and emergencies. Also, you may have noticed that BART has closed down the 19th St. station street exit at 20th St. for renovations; it is scheduled to reopen later this week, on Thursday, Dec. 18.

UCPath Center

The UCPath Center has new tenants from UC Riverside School of Medicine, including 36 staff and faculty from the clinical faculty administration. Other prospective tenants have expressed interest, citing proximity to the freeway and the new Metrolink station, scheduled for completion in fall 2015. We also now have iVisitor, a new visitor management system that allows visitor tracking and automatic notification of hosts when their visitors arrive. Finally, we have contracted with a new breakfast vendor, Baguette Baker, beginning this month.

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  1. Ryan Chan December 16, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for this update; this is helpful! Building engineers have been doing a great job at keeping the Franklin building in shape and responding to issues. I am curious about the improvements in the pedestrian path and signage that were mentioned in this article:

    Are they still planned? Does building services need any input from staff? Thank you.

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