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Unsubscribe Week continues at UCOP

Mailbins to be unsubscribed

There are still 13 bins of materials to be unsubscribed from.

Unsubscribe Week, one of the UCOP Efficiency Review measures, is now in its 17th week.

That’s right. The cleanup effort that began on Aug. 25 is still under way, as the mail team continues to sift through bins of discarded mail to stop unwanted materials and deliveries to long-gone former staffers.

Annette Massey in Business and Finance, the patient OP employee who is doing the work behind the scenes, spends four hours each day dedicated to the project. So far, she has halted nearly 1,000 pieces of mail and has had UCOP removed from the mailing lists of nearly 400 companies.

Contents of the mailbins

Just one pile of UCOP’s unwanted mail.

Ending unwanted subscriptions, catalogs and junk mail can help OP be more environmentally responsible, save trees as well as money and time by reducing the amount of paper handled at UCOP, said Operations Deputy Director Donna Collins.

“We still have 13 full bins to be processed, so we think we’ve got most of the problem licked,” Collins said. “But we’re still getting lots of mail for people who no longer work here.”

UCOP receives hundreds of pieces of mail each week addressed to people who have not worked here for years, which is consistent with national trends. Mailroom staff are no longer affixing stickers to materials that look like good candidates for unsubscribing, but they’re asking you to be on the lookout for mail addressed to employees you might know of who no longer work at UCOP.

If you handle mail for your unit or department and would like to continue to use the unsubscribe labels, please contact the Work Management Center, 6314 Franklin, 510-987-0600 or

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  1. MS December 16, 2014 Reply

    This is AMAZING! I wish someone could do this for ALL companies everywhere, and even for homes so there’d be less waste everywhere!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Juan Conrado December 16, 2014 Reply

    Keep up the great work your are doing Annette!

  3. Emily Montan December 16, 2014 Reply

    She is managing this project as well as other work! thank you Annette. Our environment and staff time are being saved with the work you are doing. This should be done on a two year cycle.

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