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Link gets good marks, great suggestions from reader survey

Thanks to all of you who responded to the Link reader survey! We conducted the survey last November to mark the first anniversary of Link’s 2013 redesign, and 213 of you (11 percent of the UCOP community) responded with lots of helpful feedback.

We got new information about you, how you use Link and what types of content you look for, as well as new ideas for how we can make the newsletter even more useful. We will be using this data to continually improve Link.

Eighty-eight percent of those who responded said you use the newsletter to stay current with what’s happening at UCOP. And 88 percent said Link does a good to excellent job of keeping staff informed.

Most respondents (68 percent) regularly read the weekly email, and 33 percent read the website. (Some respondents said they weren’t aware of the difference between the Tuesday mailer and the website.) Twenty-six percent said they refer to the site during the workweek, and 17 percent occasionally read the email or website.

Most readers said they look to Link for UCOP news (84%), UCOP events (82%) and organizational announcements (62%). Less than half are looking for systemwide news about UC (49%) or stories about their UCOP colleagues (46%).

The survey provided lots of positive feedback about the new design and content. One respondent commented, “[I like] that it comes each week and it’s easy to read. Love the new layout.” Another said, “I kick myself on the weeks I miss reading it because I usually miss something interesting.”

But that view was not universal. Five percent of respondents said they don’t read either the Link email or website, often citing lack of time. One reader is now using an RSS reader, saying it’s “a great way” to get the latest content. Another said, “It takes a lot of effort to look through Link every week . . . I figure if there’s something that’s actually important, we’ll get an email.”

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