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New UC-CORO leadership program prepares to kick off Feb. 3

The UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative, a new program for experienced leaders at all UC locations, will kick off its 2015 program next month, with 40 leaders participating statewide.

This is an intensive leadership development program that targets high-level administrators to enhance their leadership skills and foster intercampus and cross-functional collaboration across the university. It is presented in partnership with CORO Northern California, which, since 2006, has trained more than 250 faculty and administrative leaders at UCSF and the UC Davis Health System, as well as 36 senior leaders at UCOP.

Now the program is available to all UC locations, including UC Office of the President, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Forty administrators have been selected through a rigorous nomination process to participate in the 2015 program in two separate cohorts representing Northern and Southern California locations.

The curriculum involves 10 full-day interactive seminars, from February through November, focusing on subjects such as active listening, systems thinking and analysis, relationship management and decision-making. Beginning in September, participants will explore and plan a field study project that will give them the opportunity to work on a specific campus or a medical center leadership initiative.

Meeting at the various Northern and Southern locations will also provide opportunities for campus explorations and interviews with campus leaders, giving participants an awareness of the physical, intellectual, administrative and cultural nature of multiple UC locations.

The nomination process for the 2016 program will begin in July 2015, and more details are available on the UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative website or by contacting Donna Salvo at or 510-987-9923.


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