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Master critical thinking with a UC Learning Center class

Throughout history, inquisitive people have been concerned with the art and science of astute thinking. In the 21st century, the ability to engage in reflective thought has been viewed as a fundamental characteristic of an independent person and a necessary skill for an increasingly wide range of jobs. As such, mastering critical thinking is one more way to gain a competitive advantage in career and organization development.

The UC Learning Center is offering a class in critical thinking on Tuesday, May 19, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Franklin 5320.

Participants will benefit by learning how to:
• Analyze and evaluate various kinds of documents
• Evaluate the reasoning in an argument and determine its validity
• Make complex decisions with more efficiency and effectiveness
• Take a multi-perspective view of an issue for better decisions

Course outline summary
• Introduction to critical thinking concepts
• Thinking Map: Analysis and evaluation of documents/arguments
• Grid Analysis: Systematic decision making that combines objectivity and intuition
• Lateral Thinking: Breakthrough thinking by seeing the possibilities in an issue
• Review and Action Plan

Registration for the class is required. Sign up on the Learning Center website:

  • Log in using your UCOP login and password.
  • Type Critical Thinking in the Search box on the left; that will bring up Results of Search.
  • Click the session you want, then click on the Register box and Submit.

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